Q:The update from the National Lottery Site does not work when updating results
A:Registered users please note: (Do this under Edit->Options->Internet SA Lotto Site.)
          Change the National Lottery site for results to  http://www.nationallottery.co.za/TNS/Default.asp.

          Q:HTTP error  "Unable to establish connection with server" when updating results
A:If all the settings are correct, check your personal firewall settings. You might have enabled Mcafee,
          Norton or Windows XP firewalls and it is stopping LNG from accessing the Internet.

          Q:How do I register the program and how much does it cost?
LNG is not for sale anymore until further notice

Q:Some of the menu options are not available. Why ?
A:The program was originally distributed as FREEWARE. This meant that it was free to use.
It has however developed into a 'commercial' product over time. It became difficult to maintain
two versions of the program, and it was merged into one program from version 2.0 onwards. The FREE part is
still available in Version 2.1 ie the number generation part. All the functions are however not available
until you 'Register' the program by purchasing it. The menu options not available will be available once you Register.

Q:Where is the FREE program!?
A:As explained above, the FREEWARE program is now part of version 2.1 ie number generation.

Q:Why is the Currency symbol incorrect ?
A:Your Regional setting is incorrect. Change the country settings in the Control Panel under Regional Settings.

Q:How do I stop the spinning numbers once it has started?
A:The same button that starts the spinnig will stop the spinning. The text changes on the button to 'Stop Spin Mode'.

Q:While spinning, the numbers displayed in the 1st column seldom goes higher than 20. Is this really random?
A:The spinning option continuously shuffles the numbers from 1 to 49 without reloading them in sequence. The first 6 numbers are displayed and I do not influence the ranges. I have tested the randomness by entering one of the winning number combinations and letting the program spin until it draws all 6 the numbers. The first time it took +- 36 hours to do this and the second time only +-29000 spins. I am comfortable with the randomness of the draw. I will be adding more features to change so that the selection will suite individual needs.

Q:Can the font size of the printing be changed?
A:Not at the moment. I will change it or even better, let it print on the actual ticket.

Q:Can I enter a my own numbers and generate all possible combination from them?
A:Yes - The Registered version can up to a point (7 to 13 numbers).

Q:Do I use the generator myself?
A:Yes I do! I usually have 3 or 4 boards with my fixed 'lucky' numbers I play every week. I then use the generator to fill in a couple of boards to increase my chances.

Q:Will you eventually sell this?
A:It is for not for sale until further notice.